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Hello Friends !

Bike Caribbean Family have missed you all during this difficult time and we have now launched the following:⁣

✅ NEW EBIKE TOUR (2hr - $65pp)⁣

✅ $50 Weekend Rental Rates (Fri delivery - Mon collection)

✅ CUSTOM BIKE TOUR - MTB, hybrid (2hr - $65pp)

✅ Personal Training 1-1 ( ride, cardio, trail, skills )⁣

✅ Curbside Delivery is still available ⁣for rentals.

✅ Kids & Family Tours available.

Hoping everyone has been safe during this time.

We are so proud of Barbados, our small, strong & resilient island.

The government has done fantastic in keeping this pandemic down.

We hope to see you all soon and catch up....keep healthy and keep the wheels spinning!

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